Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcomez 2 ourz Blog

This is da blog of da kitty ohana (@EllaBellaKitty, @JassieKitty & @KeAloha_Kitty).  Servant seyz shez only gonna do one bloggy & wez has to share.  *sigh*

Iz Ella, da cutest.  Allz uz boy kittiez out dere, I already have a boyfriend, @IndyKitty.   Iz like TOONA & long walks on da kitchen counter.

This is Jassie, wez were born in da same litter (Iz got all da good lookz - Poor Jassie).  Jassie is boy crazy & has a crush on @BusterConCat:

Da newest member of da Kitty Ohana is KeAloha (his name means beloved in Hawaiian).  Hez 7 months old & likes chasing Jassie & I around da house & driving uz crazy.  KeAloha luvz hiz fuzzy ballz.

We got KeAloha after his brudher, Nonolo Honu (dat meanz purring turtle in Hawaiian) died after hiz neutering operation.  Dat waz very sad, but servant dought adopting KeAloha would be a nice way to remember Nonolo.

Whenz we came here, Precious Kitty ruled da roost.  She waz older dan da dinosaurs & shez died last year.  Servant waz very sadz & we still mizzez her.


  1. Oh this is a very nice bloggy and so nice to see pictures of all the kittehs, Hugs

  2. Your blog is super duper! Mom and I loved meeting your family. SwtGeorgiaBrwn

  3. Great pictures! I'm glad I could help you figure out how to blog!

  4. Welcomes to da kitteh blogsosphere!

    Watch out wot u sez about u brofurs fuzzy balls!