Friday, January 22, 2010

Project 787788787

Myz Newz Year Rezolution!  A Revolution to take over da world! 

Soon dis & all itz toooona will be all mine!  Meowrrra Aha ha ha!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hoomanz went to an AQUARIUM wifout UZ

Da shame! Da Shame!  da hoomans visited an  Aquarium on der "VaKaChion" whilez we @ home alone wif no fishiez!  Dey saw lotz of fishiez!  *drool*  An Aqarium soundz like kitty heaven!


Look at dese BIG fishiez - one of dese MIGHT lazt me a day:

Howeverah, Dis fishy lookz a bit scary

*sighz*  Whyz doez hoomanz get to have all da fun all da time?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wez Home Alone

Our hoomanz went on a "VaKaTion" & left uz all alone.  So UNFAIR! 

Dey gets to get close to birdies!

And dey saw fishez!

Dis is where dey staying:  Look at  da size of dat Litter Box!  Iz could do a lot of stinkies in dat!

Soz wez left all alone with juzt some neighborz to check in uz.  Food juzt dosen't tazte as gud as when da servant gibs it to uz.  I (Ella) gotz to dink of a good way to show ourz dizpleazure, maybe knocking some stuff on da floor?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Da Hoomanz who belong to da Kitty Ohana

Jassie sayz we should also talk bout da hooomans who live in ourz houze AKA da litter box cleanerz.

First we haz da primary servant, @prettykitties53.  Shez can be counted on to feed uz every day, even if itz not when we demand.  Shez seyz shez an aaaattorney but Iz dink that Iz (Ella Bella, Kitty esq) is probably a much better one.  (Myz satisfied clients includes da very famouz @rosieandcheeto).  Servant iz studying da Hawaiian language (not bery wellz, if I muzt say) and spendz a LOT of time in front of da talking box or hoggin da computer (and her buttz showz it!).

And dan, we haz Da Violet (servant'z kitteh)  Shez in college & workz at da StarBuckz.  She alzoz haz friendz ober all da time & dey play dis ding called Rox Band - wez HATEZ it caz itz so loud!

Of courze, us kittiez (esp Moi) runz da houze & de hoomans would be lozt wifout uz!