Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nap time at da Kitty Ohana

Here at da Kitty Ohana, wez takez Napping very seriously!  Uz kittiez muzt have our beauty sleep & rezt up for all da dat strenuous eating & keeping da hoomans in line!

Sometimes, wez all sleep together:

 Sleeping wif da hoomans is good too, but Jassie & I have to have da good spots, after allz we da oldest!

Speaking of sleeping wif da hoomans, can uz spy wif urz liddle eye, the kittiez in this picture:

Jassie & Iz usually likez to sleep apart frum each other, but KeAloha lubz to snuggle!


Hoomans may dinks napping easy, but it sure can be hard work!


Jassie has her favorites spotz for a good nap:

Butz Iz will sleep juzt about anywhere I cans get comfy:

When KeAloha first came herez, he would only sleep under mama's bed, now hez like me & will sleep wherever he wants - even in Jassie'z favorite place:

Even whenz he napping, he still manages to be  annoying!

Wellz, itz nappy time!  Peaceful & Mousie-full dreams everyonez!